Saturday, September 15, 2012

OTS Pro Tip: Save On A Monthly Sample Subscription

   After seeing so much of the publicity many monthly sample subscription services, I've been doing a bit of research...&, though I'm still looking around, I actually joined a program!

    Ever heard of Julep? A Seattle-based nail salon, they develop their own products...pretty cool, right?
   You can join their Julep Maven program for $19.99/mo...this means every month you'll receive a kit containing $40+ worth of nail polish & mani/pedi products from their company. Seeing as how their actual (individual) prices range from $6-48/per item, this is a pretty decent deal. Once you take the style quiz (which you can retake until you get results you like) posted on their site, this determines the first 2 nail colors you will get (each Intro box is specific to these profile results). You even can skip months if you want, & can order more (of the samples you like) straight from their website.

   **Now, here's the tip you've been waiting for**

   Hesitant to try this particular site/service at $19.99/mo.? I don't blame you, I was too. But I can help you get your Intro box for just ONE CENT. Yes, you read that right. One penny. $0.01. 1¢. Read on!

   I'm pretty hesitant to commit to a monthly service, especially for beauty products, because I'm very particular about the products I use & like. When I found this trick, though, I couldn't resist trying it out.

Here's how their site explains the process:
         I took the "Style Profile" quiz a few times, & (after seeing all the selections offered) decided to go with my original results of "Boho Glam."After receiving my results I selected the option to start a subscription (with those selections) at $19.99, with a future cost of $19.99/mo for each kit.

    Underneath the item list in the cart, on the left, I entered the discount code "PENNY".

Next, I input my shipping selections...don't let this section fool you, their shipping is free!

Once I applied my discount code, $19.98 was discounted...& my final total came to 1¢!
How awesome is that? Just like winning a mini-jackpot!

    Just for reference...the FAQ's on Julep's website tell you that you can select a "skip a month" option in your account, so you aren't charged monthly.

   I'm going to wait for my Intro box, & see how I like the program...if you decide to try it out, I'd love to hear from you about your experience!

   **I'm not affiliated with Julep in any way, aside from now being a new member.**
 **OTS is not responsible for any issues anyone may have with this service/vendor.**

   To let me know what you think, email me at:

- Alyssa Marie

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The easiest DIY I'll ever post...

( Supplies:   - Bottle cap     - Mod Podge Glue     - Push-pin  )

Seriously. This is beyond easy.

This bottle cap is from a bottle of one of my favorite beers: Stone Brewing Co.'s Arrogant Bastard Ale

From my first ABA ever, I loved the slogan enough to hold on to it all these years...& wanted to do something with it to get it out of my craft drawer. Giving it a spot on my inspiration board seemed like a pretty good idea.

If you've got a bottle cap of your own, & you'd like to give it the same sanctuary, here's how:

1. Use Mod Podge, or some other stronger craft glue. This stuff holds up over time.
2. Clean your bottle cap, & make sure the top is as flat/flush as possible.
3. Apply a small amount of glue to the flattop of a push-pin.
4. Press push-pin to back of bottle cap, using enough pressure for the pin to stick/excess glue to pool.
5. Let dry.

Found your favorite bottle caps? I'd love to see them!
Share them at:

Happy crafting!
- Alyssa Marie

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY: Revamping A Tired Tray

   I've taken on the task of re-doing my (smallish size) bedroom lately, & during this process have made a lot of changes to my decor & personal pieces. I hate to waste great decor items, & always love putting a new spin on seemingly tired things....but, hey, isn't that all the rage these days?
   This post is about a great little revamp I've done...that's really "oh, so" simple (& turned out to be "oh, so" inexpensive!).
I purchased this decorative tray for 70cents (during a sale) at a local thrift store (with the original tag of $15)...& already knew I wanted to redo it, as I'm no fan of the "streaky/tacky gold" sheen that was on it.
    As for my supplies...I found a cute animal print Macbeth adhesive shelf liner (sold as a double roll) at T.J.Maxx for $5.99...picked up some Martha Stewart satin acrylic paint (in Wild Blueberry) at Michaels for $1.99...& paid nothing for the black acrylic paint & sandpaper I already had hiding in my craft gear. 
    For ease, I used a small rounded brush to apply the blue paint on the inner/outer sides & a small flat brush to apply the black paint on the edges around the tray/handles.
   Even though the tray is actually a plastic composite, I used the sandpaper on it...not so much to give the paint something to stick to as to try & remove as much of the gold lacquer as I possibly could. I really only sanded the surrounding edges & the outer sides, but it made it much easier to apply the paint in fewer layers (in total, it took 2 layers of black & 3 layers of blue).
    After the paint dried (which didn't take very long), I measured out the inside of the tray & cut the adhesive shelf liner to size. When it came to was a little tricky to get it completely flush at first, & I'd recommend peeling the adhesive vertically & having quite a bit of patience (take your time & start at the top 2 corners, peeling the adhesive back as you go to make readjustments easier).
And, violà...a beautiful new display tray!
Looking at the math...since I only used a small portion of the shelf-liner (& that I already had most of my necessary supplies), this project came in under $5.
There are so many great uses for these it displaying jewelry, cosmetics, magazines, etc. To be honest, I'm not 100% set on what I'll use it for yet, but it will definitely have a spot in my room :)

Have you decided to tackle a version of your own? I'd love to see it!
Send a picture to me at:

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
~ Alyssa Marie

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Window Shopping: Basic White Tee

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a major aversion to wearing plain white t-shirts...probably something to do with my incredible ability to have something spilled on me within the hour I first put the shirt on. I've always been very, very fond of the dark gray/black t-shirt...both, for their polished look, & for the fact that dark shirts are much more slimming on my busty figure.

I do appreciate the quality & classic appearance of the "basic white tee"...
especially the slightly fitted version that gives certain men that effortlessly sexy look...

I mean, *cue jaw drop*, right?
Oh,, to get back on topic...

Here's a new way to spruce up that basic white tee to look a little less "frump" & a little more "fab":

-  Pain White Tee ($4.50-$5.75)

- GAP Super Skinny Dark Wash Jeans ($34.95)

- Alexander McQueen Skull Jacquard Silk Chiffon Scarf in Black ($294)

- Tylie Malibu Sub Terra Satchel in Olive ($589)

- Le Metier de Beaute Red Hot Tango Limited-Edition Nail Lacquer ($18)

- Thin 2.5inch Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings ($36.99)

- Maison Martin Margiela 11 Ring ($235)

- Michael Kors Gunmetal Leather Wrap Bracelet ($37.99)

- Jimmy Choo Papyrus Suede Cork Wedge Sandals in Purple ($237)

What's your favorite compliment to your basic white tee?
Let me know!


Window Shopping: Fancy A Night Out?

    I'm a huge fan of high heels (though I don't get to wear them nearly as often as I'd like to) &, more recently, a big fan of dresses. When faced with the dilemma of what to wear, it's pretty easy for a woman to spend a minimum of an hour digging through her closet. If it's a "night out" you're dressing for, it's not that difficult to look great (without looking like you'll fall out of your dress) ditch that dress that looks like it belongs at a high school dance - I mean, keep it classy, ladies!
    Here are a few new picks this week that caught my eye...the great thing about this outfit is how easy the day/night transition would be:

-  Milly Imara Dress  (£189)

- Steve Madden Faame Booties ($110)

- Marc by Marc Jacobs Calamity Rei Leather Shoulder Bag (£490)

- Tuleste Market Rosette Stud Earrings ($36)

- Vintage Chanel .5" Silver Tone Bracelet ($1,800)

- Bobbi Brown Limited Edition (Twilight Night/Turquiose) Nail Polish ($18)

    You might not be able to tell on here, but these shoes have the cutest triple-bow detail on their front. For fun with the nail polish I'd recommend a 4:1 style with the colors, you choose the color ratio.
    Throw a cute blazer over the dress for a day at the office, & go without it for drinks with the mailroom eye-candy ;)


Window Shopping: Long Necklaces

    Though I've pretty much worn the same necklace for the last 4.5yrs, any woman knows that it's always nice to have a few options. It's become a habit for me to go around online to see the different necklaces/fashions that are out of my favorite sites in these last few years has been Etsy.

Here are a few (long) necklaces I recently came across, on Etsy, that are too pretty to not mention:

1. Colorful Owl Necklace, Antique Brass/Enamel Pendant ($22.40)

2. Sterling Silver Necklace, with Lapis Lazuli & Black Spinel ($59)

3. Crown Skeleton Key with Blue Sparrow ($24)

4. Vintage Style Peacock ($5)

5. Antique Gold Brass Octopus ($24)

6. Turquoise Howlite ($7.50)

7. Genuine Amazonite Gemstone ($18)

8. Sterling Silver Personalized Initials ($38)

**This post is not, in any way, endorsing any particular shop owner on Etsy.**
**All prices listed are current at time of posting, but may change at the discretion of Etsy shop owner.**

Added any cute long necklaces to your collection?
Show them off!
For the chance to have your favorite new piece featured,
email them to:


Monday, August 6, 2012

That's a wrap! (And it's delish.)

I've been trying many new ideas lately, & finding a lot of delicious food combinations. One of my biggest stipulations with "appetizer/entree" type foods is that it be at least a little healthy...'it has to taste good' goes without saying, right? It's much easier now than it was 5-10yrs ago to combine "hey, that's tasty" with "hey, that's delicious"...& when you've got that result, you really can't go wrong.
After a little experiment I was able to do exactly that: find something "good on the lips & on the hips." Here she is...ain't she a beauty?

(Posted from my Instagram feed at "Lysg06")

- Whole wheat tortilla/wrap
- Feta cheese (crumbles work just fine)
- Tomato (sliced)
- Cucumber (sliced)
- Red onion (sliced or diced, your call...mine were sliced)
- Mixed greens (salad mix works, too)
- Sliced almonds
- Cranberries

To make a few notes...
  •  You might want to microwave the wheat tortilla, for 15 seconds, before making this so it's pliable.
  • I used the panini grill we have at the café make yours without one, try using a pan/stove.
  •  To help blend the flavors, I created a "foil prep" (layering the tomato/cucumbers/onions/cranberries/almonds in between foil) & pressed it for a few minutes on the panini grill...not only does this help blend flavors, but it gives everything a warm-up that (with the feta) tricks your mind into thinking it's eating something more substantial/filling.
  • I put the feta in the middle (of the wrap), so that it was the "first layer"....putting the foil prep on top of this helps the cheese melt more (feta cheese melts differently).
  • Once the foil prep is on the wrap, put the spring mix on top (so the lettuce won't wilt from the heat). If you prefer you can add a light dressing, but I chose not to (to retain the natural flavors).
  • In my old kitchen I'd place a wrap "seam down" (the part of the wrap showing the tortilla edge), & be able to sear the wrap shut. At the café, using the panini press is a great option....just remember, if you have this to use, it will not sear the seam shut (& make sure you use a little oil on the wrap to ensure it doesn't burn to the grill).
  • One variation I love to add to this is using roasted red's a perfect flavor complement to the feta.
If you try this out, or have your own wrap recipe you think I should try, let me know!

Happy eats!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Looking Great While Growing : Short Nail Mani

   I've always loved using different colors & designs to create fun manicures for myself.  Since I'm always trying out new projects, & I'm very "hands-on" in most of my work, I always face a few problems with this....either: (a) nail polish doesn't stay on my nails too long, or (b) I end up breaking my nails on a slightly frequent basis.  Taking this into consideration, sometimes it seems like the effort is pointless...& (more often than not) I end up leaving my nails naked.
   One thing I notice, too, is that sometimes it's difficult for me to settle on designs/colors when my nails are shorter. I'm very, very particular about colors & patterns (& I'm much more conscious of it when my  nails have faced a little damage). I hate to admit it, but when I was younger I was a frequent user of "fakes"...using both fake full sets & acrylics. After working in a salon for a few months, & actually learning how to do acrylic nails (& other techniques), the biggest thing I learned was the damage you can inflict on your nails by doing this...& the implications it can actually have on your health. (Hrm...I see a future write-up in the making, don't you?) Needless to say, I will not go back to that, I only stick with plain nail polish these days.
   This morning I decided to break the nude streak my nails have been on the last two weeks. I didn't want to do anything too crazy or complicated, given that I never know how long it's going to last (ha!), I felt like keeping it relatively simple for work (even though I have quite a bit of freedom with the looks).
   The manicure I settled on today is pretty easy, & is very tasteful for mostly any situation...whether it be a day-to-day look, or even a nighttime/party look. It's a quick twist on the neutral french manicure, using a nude polish with a thin black line/tip instead of a thicker white line/tip. To keep it fun I made one nail (on each hand) different, painting it a light gray & adding a layer of sparkle.
Here's the look:

For this look, I used these nail polishes:

  As the title says "looking great while growing," I figure I'll share another tip to help with the last part. Recently, I changed the vitamins I've been taking, specifically to help grow & strengthen my nails. The new vitamins I've been taking are really great...especially considering that, although I have a higher tolerance for medication & vitamins (& usually have to double dose), these have no negative side effects...& the double dose has actually (obviously) helped speed up the process a bit.
   Normally I take an extra Biotin vitamin as an addition to my regular multi-vitamin, but it sometimes caused my nail edges to be more brittle. Replacing the multi-vitamin/Biotin mixture with the new vitamins has been a wonderful move. My nails are so much stronger, & rarely peel anymore.
I'm definitely a big fan of Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails now.

Do you have any experience with this vitamin, or any other hair/skin/nails vitamin?
Let me know what your experience has been!

Send me an email at:

(Or leave a comment on this post!)

Happy Wednesday!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Window Shopping, Round 1 (Introducing...Style Boards!)

   Despite my lack of posts recently, I promise that a chunk of the hiatus has been spent coming up with new site material. I've noticed a huge trend in personal styling, & a massive rise in "style boards" being used in many public forums. After I had a little chuckle over my having done this for years, just for fun, I figured I'd start posting my choices here.
   And so, OTS style boards have been born. Of course, I'll attempt to add as much variety as I can to my style boards (especially if you all send any suggestions my way).  I'll let you know what's on the board, & try to provide links back to the item. (Yes, I'm a big Cartier & Alexander McQueen
   Here's the first batch:

Emerald Silk Chiffon Bustier Dress (Alexander McQueen; $3,440) 
White Topaz & Diamond w/Black Enamel Sterling Silver Earrings (Ramona Singer; $339.90)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Product Review: Salon Style Nail Polish Strips

  Of all the big trends these days, a notable one is the "zero dry time" nail polish strips. Almost every beauty brand carries their own version (different colors, designs, etc.)...& most are priced at a range around $12-$25, which can be pretty steep for the "money conscious" shopper.
   I, myself, used the Sally Hansen nail polish strips once or twice before...but I normally don't consider buying them unless I'm able to find them on clearance somewhere. Now, waiting for those times means that I can get them for $4.99 instead of the normal $9...but this also means they're usually the "undesirables"- the weird random neon color, or the design that just wouldn't sell. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Sally Hansen nail polish strips...but budgeting for myself means I now see that $9 as lunch at Panera/Chipotle, or 3 gallons of gas in my car. Not a huge deal for many, but I'd like to save some of my hard-earned money.
  A few days ago I stopped at Dots with a friend, so she could find some fun new clothes to go with her fun new job. Holding my post outside the dressing room, I started browsing the accessory display nearby...when, buried under some tangled web of tacky chain jewelry, I saw these Salon Style Nail Polish Strips. Initially I was pretty skeptical...not to be "snooty" but, from my experience, beauty items there always seem to be a little similar to Claire's: slightly tacky & lower quality. I was pretty surprised to discover the $3.50 price sticker on the back of the package. Surely this must be an indication that the product isn't that great, right?
   Wrong. I decided that $3.50 was worth the gamble, took them home/tried them out, & (2 days later) I'm pretty impressed at how they're holding up. Given that I'm pretty rough on my hands, thanks to both jobs (food/drink oriented), it's no surprise that the tips have worn off a bit...but these babies seem to be holding down the fort pretty well. The other thing that I liked was that, having petite hands (& therefore petite fingernails), I didn't have to try to resize the strips to fit my nails. They also are actual "strips", not the stickers that some places (ahem *$12 at Sephora*) sell that end up ruining your nails. While I'm not completely sure just how many designs they have (as I only saw a few), I imagine it wouldn't be terribly hard to find them (online or in-store, they aren't on the Dots website).

The strips I chose - cute, eh?

Have you tried nail polish strips? Do you have a favorite (or even least favorite) brand?
Let me know what your experience with them has been!

Today's Lunch: A Spring(ish) Salad

   Today had quite an early start...a 5A wake-up call, a 40-minute drive, & a 6:30A opening shift at my second job left me pretty pooped. (Granted, a few shots of espresso later my energy shifted back into gear & I was able to get a 2 hour workout in.) Getting back home, I realized I was incredibly hungry (& that I needed to get something other than coffee in my system). Being a later time in the afternoon, I didn't want to get anything too heavy (or too crazy to put together). Enter: Spring Salad.

- A handful of "Spring Mix" Salad Mix
- Strawberries (Sliced)
- Blueberries
- Edamame (Shelled)
- Poppyseed Salad Dressing

  Pretty simple, really. Just mix it all up (in whatever portions you prefer) & enjoy. While I don't have an exact calorie count or anything (for those of you concerned with all that), this is a relatively healthy/filling salad that I fancy quite a bit. If you try it (or make your own version of it), let me know what you think!

Happy eats!
- Alyssa Marie

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eat With Caution: 6 Not So "Healthy" Foods

 These days, it seems like anything that doesn't flat out kill you can be considered "healthy"...& reading labels? That can be like trying to decipher a foreign language to some. Here are six (seemingly "good-for-you") foods that diet specialists are pretty wary of.

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter
Sometimes taking all that fat out can mean putting a bunch of artificial sweeteners back in. Deciding on this (instead of regular peanut butter) will only save you a measly 0.5g of fat & 10 calories per serving...but is the funky flavor (& aftertaste) really worth it?

Frozen Yogurt
Not all brands have the same quantities of probiotic bacteria that are a part of fro yo's appeal. Finding it in a self-serve shop could also make it easier to overdo your portions, pile on toppings, & rack up calories.

High-Fiber & Whole-Grain Cereal & Bread
Good ideas? Yes, but watch out...unless you buy these from an actual health-food store, you may be getting added sweeteners & carmel coloring. (And not all the whole grains are actually whole.)

Low-Fat Yogurt
Much like it's frozen cousin, low-fat yogurt starts off fine...but then high-fructose corn syrup & artificial flavorings/colorings add a lot of calories (& a bit of luckiness). Avoid fruity kinds & stick with plain.

Gluten-Free Foods
For people who are gluten-sensitive or who have celiac disease (an auto-immune condition), these are a must. For everyone else? Nothing more than a silly food fad...that often comes with extra sugar, saturated fats & preservatives.

Processed Soy Products
Processed soy products are often linked to hormone imbalances in some people. The problem here is the processing part...which removes healthy carbs, fat & fiber & leaves only the protein isolate.

My Recent Thrifting "Haul"

 Thanks to that last post of thrifting tips, I felt that "urge" to share with you all the things I picked up on my most recent thrifting adventure. Taking advantage of a "discount day" at a certain thrift store, I'm pretty sure I made out like a bandit (despite only picking up a few things).

- This (absolutely gorgeous) green lace dress from Banana Republic, in great condition w/original tag.

- A pair of sexy printed heels (that "coincidentally" go great with the dress).

- This (beyond adorable) Swedish "fancy" teapot with a flower design on both sides.

(I was also lucky enough to find a great pair of my favorite Forever 21 jeans)

All this, & I only spent $23.13.
Oh, yea. Totally awesome.

Any great thrift store finds you'd like to share with me?
Email them to !

Tips For Thrifting

   Type "thrift shopping" into any search engine & you'll be shown pages (upon pages) of results...places to go thrifting at in your local area (or any other "local" area across the country/globe), reviews of specific merchants, or basic styling tips from "serious thrifters." While I do not consider myself to be one of those "serious" thrifters, I have definitely come to know the art of thrifting fairly well. And yes, kids, it IS an art.
   I've grown to appreciate the Mid-West/East Coast thrifting...considering the fact that most West Coast thrifting is labeled "vintage shopping" (& priced much higher due to this). After many thrift shop "attempts" in San Diego & Los Angeles, I've learned that unless you visit those "vintage" stores you're left with (mostly) damaged goods. And not in the "hey, I can fix that & make it pretty awesome" sort of way. Let's be honest...I don't want to pay $50 for a ratty t-shirt (that's mostly holes) just because you call it "vintage."
Here are a few guidelines I follow, these days, when I go thrift shopping....

1. Much like you might for the grocery store, make a list!
I try to restrict my trip buys to things I can use for potential (current) projects - pictured above is a list similar to one I used recently. To keep myself "on task" I list items by type (i.e. "clothes", "jewelry", etc.) & write sub points to keep in mind with each category (i.e. "look for: print pants to turn into shorts", etc.).
2. Know the thrift store you're shopping at!
There are a few thrift stores in Cincinnati that I've been going to off & on over the last few years. Being somewhat of a regular, I've seen the changes in people, merchandise, & even store methods/policies. At one particular store I frequent, when they first opened they held specific specials each tags meant 15% off on Tuesdays, red tags meant 20% off on get the idea. After their own "trails & tribulations," the current discount they offer is a 25% off discount on Mondays (& the occasional $5 off coupon in the local paper). To take advantage of this, I try to limit my trips to this location to Mondays...&, since I know a lot of people have the same "discount day" idea, I make sure that (if I go) I'm able to go as close to their opening time as possible.
3. Know your prices!
Yes, contrary to popular belief, it is possible for your thrift store haul to be completely overpriced. Thrift store shopping is meant to be a great resource for saving money on finds you normally wouldn't...& it's still possible for thrift stores to use pricing ploys to make you think you're getting a deal, while getting more money out of you than you realize. There's no reason to be paying $45 for a fake Gucci purse at a thrift store. There's also no reason to pay $30 for a single pair of shoes that are pretty beaten up, just because the shoes could be found at DSW. Unless there is an original sales tag on the item (for the store it originally came from) showing a good discount, don't take the thrift store's word for it. Always take into account the current condition (& lasting ability) of the item you're looking at. Another big example is dishes...people usually end up donating their dishes to thrift stores when the pieces to their sets break. And a thrift store doesn't think twice about turning a 24-dish fancy tea/luncheon set into 6 separate 4-piece sets priced at $5-$7 each. (I've seen it happen plenty of times.)
4. Set a budget!
Even though we all know that plenty of people who "don't need to thrift" do, that doesn't mean that you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on everything just because you might be getting a "good deal." I know that, at times, it's pretty easy to get a little carried away if you're lucky enough to have a "good find day"...but this is exactly where the previous planning helps your budget. Making sure you only buy what you need/will definitely use helps keep your tally in check...& ensures you won't tack an extra $20 on because of last minute temptations. Just as an example, (the last time I went thrifting) I set a limit of $25 for myself. When I found an item that would've pushed me over my limit by $6, I negotiated with myself: you could get this/this/this/this, & probably not use the last "this" despite it's epic cuteness...or get this/this/this & save that extra money for lunch. (Needless to say, lunch won.)

5. Be reasonable!
One of my favorite things to do (when thrift shopping) is to find items I can alter into something else. I love being able to change things I can't use into things I can...& when I complete such a task, it's a pretty confidence boost. The thing is...I tend to take on a bunch of projects all at once, which monopolizes my time for each individual project I'm attempting. My personal motto when thrifting is "S.C.A.B."
As unappealing as it sounds, trust me, it's not meant to be some gross thing.
"S.C.A.B." stands for:
Be reasonable
"Sew/Cut/Alter" is my reminder to not be afraid of a potential project. "Be reasonable" is my reminder to be realistic about any of those potential projects...especially the likelihood of actually doing that project.

Either way, we all get something different out of the thrifting experience...& I won't be one to "poo-poo" on yours. These are a few tips I use to get a better experience...& hopefully they'll help yours, too.

Any other tips? Email them to me at  & I'll share them.

Happy thrifting!
-  Alyssa Marie

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Recipe: Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Alfredo

I can now call myself brave enough to have entered the world of Tofu noodles!
(Okay, so maybe it's not that scary...but any person new to the smell would probably hesitate.)

Years ago an old roommate of mine went on a major health kick & our fridge was always stocked with these things. I was never brave enough to try any, because (as I mentioned before) they have quite a "authentic" aroma...among the first directions on the packaging, they even give the "method" for lessening it.  Another deterrent for me was the thought of regular tofu...which, for the record, I have tried & liked but "have to be in the mood for." I was always hesitant about the taste tofu noodles might have. Seeing them at the store, I decided to pick some up & try my luck...they couldn't be that terrible, right? Right!

The taste isn't too bad, & the texture didn't really bother me. After playing around with a recipe or two, this one came about....a quick, relatively easy alternative to a heaping pot full of carbs & sauce.

To make things even easier for myself (as this is a "single-serving" recipe), I used a small tupperware container to hold the portions. I frequently use this (2 cup/16oz) circular one, as it makes it even simpler to prep meals ahead of time & pack them in my bag (if I need to).

New ("healthier") recipe of the moment:
Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Alfredo   (Single serving)
Approximately 95 calories, 2g fat

- 1 package Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Shaped Noodle Substitute
- 2 Tbsp fat free cream cheese
- 1 Tsp fat free sour cream
- 2 Tsp reduced fat Parmesan grated topping
- Salt & pepper to taste, if desired (I didn't use any)


- Cut open the package, then use a strainer to drain & rinse the noodles thoroughly.

- Put noodles in bowl/container (don't close lid), & microwave for 3 minutes to cook (& reduce aroma).

- Pour noodles back into strainer, then put the noodles onto a paper towel & pat them dry.

 - Add cream cheese & sour cream into bowl/container.

- Pour warm noodles on top, then mix well. 

- Add parmesan & salt/pepper to taste (if desired). 

If you want to warm it up a little more, microwave for 1 additional minute, then mix again.

Happy eats!

- Alyssa Marie