Friday, May 11, 2012

(Accidentally) Remixing a Cookie Mix

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   As much as I prefer baking things homemade ("from scratch"), I don't always have the time it takes to do so. Some days are just too busy to spend a chunk of time preparing everything, & it's always nice to keep a few "ready mixes" on hand for these occasions.
   Today was one of those busy days for me, getting ready for the weekend & baking for a graduation party I'm attending it was incredibly convenient to use a package of Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. (I've used these before & have had a lot of luck with them.) Granted, a slight error (on my part) presented a need for some quick improv...but I'm pretty pleased with the results (& the lesson I was left with).
   As most recipes, there's a list of necessary ingredients on the back of the package...which is incredibly simple: 1 egg, & 1 stick of butter (softened).
   Of course, putting the concept of an "easy mix" in my mind meant that my full attention was not on mixing all of the ingredients as called for. "Softened" butter became "melted" butter...& "Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix" became "Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix" (the temperature of the melted butter melted some of the chocolate chips).  Realizing my error (which would've been kind of hard to miss), I baked the cookies anyway...only learning after they'd baked that it caused the dough to distribute differently. Initially questioning if I'd wasted a batch of cookies, I was determined to turn the lost bunch into something fun (& ok to serve). Scanning my cupboards for a working idea, I came across a bag of mini marshmallows...& that's when the brainstorm hit. 

Of course! Marshmallows!

   Taking the "mutant choco-cookies" & cutting them in half, I placed marshmallows on one of the sides. In order to make this easier, I cut the marshmallows in half (from the top, on the "O," not from the side) & pulled the marshmallows from the sides (in turn exposing the "mallow goop"). Doing this meant that the marshmallows stuck to the cookie portions. After that I placed the matching portions on top of the marshmallows, & put the cookie "sandwiches" on a regular dinner plate.

   These went into the microwave for 30 seconds (instead of the oven - in order to not burn the edges of the cookies), which was just enough to melt the marshmallows & seal the "sandwiches" shut. The final product - Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Marshmallow sandwiches!

   To make sure your cookies (& other baked goods) don't stick to their containers, be sure to use a layer of wax paper or parchment paper between the container bottom & your baked goods. Reynolds® is a "frequent flier"in my kitchen (& craft room).

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Looking forward to seeing your thoughts & tips!

- Alyssa Marie

To see all of this in video form (if you prefer), watch this..."(Accidentally) Remixing a Cookie Mix":

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