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Blandi v. Suave : Dry Shampoo Review

   Having naturally curly hair, one of my "bff's" has always been my flat iron. Granted, it took quite a few years of trial & error to figure out what would keep humidity from mimicking hair like that of Ms. Diana Ross. Of course, the next battle would turn into finding products that wouldn't weigh my hair down (or have some ill effect & turn my hair into a grungy mess). Just thinking of the techniques I tried & the amount of time I spent on my hair through my teenage years makes me tired.

   Of course, in the years I'd spent fighting my natural texture, I put it through one hell of a ringer. Not knowing too much about hair health (aside the "old wives tales" passed down from my mother), I paid no attention to the fact that spending day-after-day washing/blow-drying/flat ironing wasn't good for my hair.
   Washing your hair too frequently meant stripping it of natural oils...& (ironically enough) washing your hair too frequently can even make your hair greasy! Shampooing removes sebum, the oil your scalp produces. When you shampoo daily your sebaceous glands produce oil at a higher rate, because they have to compensate for what's lost. Many dermatologists say that gradually reducing your shampoo use will slow the production rate of your sebum glands, which means your scalp will be less greasy. (By the way - some people even say frequent shampooing can cause hair loss!)

"Oh, you like? It's all natural, baby."
   These days, I've spent plenty of mornings waking up at my boyfriends place trying to pull myself together from what was in my purse. Whether it was a morning I had to head off to work or class, I wasn't always in a spot to grab a shower...& was always paranoid my hair would be some troubling wreck, unless it was already straightened. Discovering dry shampoo? One the best additions to my "bff" team.
   When it comes to differences in brands, I've tried to keep budget in mind...I mean, nothing wrong with wanting to save a little money here & there - right? Right. If I find a product that works well, & gives me the results I want, then I don't mind spending a little extra (within reason, of course) to have the reliability. The two brands I've become most familiar with (in the battle of dry shampoo) are Suave® & Oscar Blandi®. 

   Reading any of the Amazon reviews for this product, you can see that there is a clear draw down the middle when it comes to supporters of this product. When I came across it I was completely unfamiliar with any of those reviews, & only noticed the "as seen on NBC's Fashion Star" sticker calling out for my attention. Scanning the shelf for the price, the under $3 tag had me excited. Of course, I was a bit skeptical...but figured that if it turned out to be a cheap screwup, at least it'd still be cheap (& if it worked, then I'd hit the proverbial "mother load of luck").

   "If professionals on NBC use this product, & happily endorse it, then it has to work...right?"
             Ha! Big fat W-R-O-N-G.

   Not only did this product not live up to expectations (or it's promising promotions), it actually pulled a complete 180˚ on what it's supposed to do.
   The very first thing I noticed is that this isn't a product friendly to dark hair types....the spray is white. Normally I wouldn't care too much & would just combing it through (to work the product into my hair)....but when I tried doing this, I had a hard time running my comb through the area of hair (that had the product on it). And the white residue was still left, making it look like I'd had a wicked case of dandruff.
   After finally getting the white residue to go away (which took a round brush & a blow dryer, the complete opposite of "easy use"), my intention was to leave it in to see if it would "help" my hair at all. Barely half an hour later my hair was a dingy, greasy honestly looked as if I hadn't washed my hair in a month. (Just to note...while my hair is naturally curly, the only times I've ever had any issues with my hair getting like this have always been product related.)
At $2.97, this cheap product turned into a (fortunately) cheap lesson:
don't waste your money.

   Truth-be-told, this was the first dry shampoo product I was exposed to...&, considering it was pretty much "on a whim,"I'm really glad I found it. A few years ago, on a random trip to Sephora, I saw this on one of the shelves & thought it was worth a look...also, at the time, they weren't carrying a huge amount of dry shampoo options (& this one seemed pretty legit). I'm incredibly happy with this dry shampoo, & it's pretty easy to find at most beauty stores (& of course online). This spray lets me get through an extra day or two between washing my hair, & helps me retain volume without "grossing it up."
   Exactly as advertised, the spray leaves no reside...which is extremely important for dark hair. It doesn't cake on like hairspray, doesn't dry out your hair...& doesn't turn you from Lady Lovely Locks:
 to Old Greg:

   If you've had any experience with either of these brands/products, or any others, let me know what you think of them! Send your thoughts to

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