Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tip to spare: Making your own tinted moisturizer

   Of course most of us have our "beauty routines" down, & can figure out what we need to use depending on the time of year. One of my "go to" products is always tinted moisturizer...I'm a big fan of Jane Iredale's Dream Tint (tinted moisturizer), & frequently use it as a base instead of primer.

   One thing I have a hard time with, though, is that I can't always get my hands on this...& I try to keep a budget in mind, as much as I can, when it comes to this stuff. 
   As much as I hate to admit it, my collection of makeup has gotten to be pretty extensive. Now, when I say "extensive," I mean I have a 7-drawer Sterilite tower for (almost) all of it. In my pursuits as a freelance photographer, I learned a lot about hair & makeup...taking on the task of doing both for my clients, instead of hiring someone else to. Doing this gave me a lot of insight on different skin tones/types, hair techniques, & different ways to use products to make them "multi-purpose." In learning these tricks, I've learned a lot to advance my own routine.
   While it's been on the market for a decent chunk of time already, I recently tried out LorĂ©al's TrueMatch Foundation...& I'm a fan.
   Although I have to admit the initial "this shade looks like it works" turned into a "that's a little too dark on my face. By this time, I had already picked up 4 bottles of one shade & didn't have the time to go for a return/exchange. Finding one of my extra travel bottles (3oz), I poured all 4 bottles of the TrueMatch foundation in. Of course, the whole point isn't filling the's consolidating products into something easy for multi-use.
   So, realizing I'd like to simplify my makeup routine for summer (a.k.a. "I'd like to keep my makeup looking natural, not like my face is melting off."), of course I wanted to get a little more out of a tinted moisturizer than (very light) coverage. In order to do this, & not waste a slightly dark shade of foundation, I added a good amount of Soap & Glory's Touch & Glow (tinted moisturizer) to balance out the mixture.
   One great thing about this lotion is that there are micro bronzer beads in the bottle, so it's meant to be more of a basic tinted moisturizer. Mixing it with the foundation gives you a bit more coverage, & the mixture last a bit longer than the basic stuff. One thing that's great about the combination, too, is that mixing the bronzer beads in the foundation ends up giving you a more natural look than a single all-over color on your face. I mean, our faces are NOT one color all over (& there are fewer ways to look more "fake/make" than layering that stuff on - LOL.

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Hope you're having a great week!

- Alyssa Marie

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