Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eat With Caution: 6 Not So "Healthy" Foods

 These days, it seems like anything that doesn't flat out kill you can be considered "healthy"...& reading labels? That can be like trying to decipher a foreign language to some. Here are six (seemingly "good-for-you") foods that diet specialists are pretty wary of.

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter
Sometimes taking all that fat out can mean putting a bunch of artificial sweeteners back in. Deciding on this (instead of regular peanut butter) will only save you a measly 0.5g of fat & 10 calories per serving...but is the funky flavor (& aftertaste) really worth it?

Frozen Yogurt
Not all brands have the same quantities of probiotic bacteria that are a part of fro yo's appeal. Finding it in a self-serve shop could also make it easier to overdo your portions, pile on toppings, & rack up calories.

High-Fiber & Whole-Grain Cereal & Bread
Good ideas? Yes, but watch out...unless you buy these from an actual health-food store, you may be getting added sweeteners & carmel coloring. (And not all the whole grains are actually whole.)

Low-Fat Yogurt
Much like it's frozen cousin, low-fat yogurt starts off fine...but then high-fructose corn syrup & artificial flavorings/colorings add a lot of calories (& a bit of luckiness). Avoid fruity kinds & stick with plain.

Gluten-Free Foods
For people who are gluten-sensitive or who have celiac disease (an auto-immune condition), these are a must. For everyone else? Nothing more than a silly food fad...that often comes with extra sugar, saturated fats & preservatives.

Processed Soy Products
Processed soy products are often linked to hormone imbalances in some people. The problem here is the processing part...which removes healthy carbs, fat & fiber & leaves only the protein isolate.

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  1. I've been guilty of getting into the fro yo kick lately. However, I don't do it because it's healthy. I just crave it in the summer. It gets so hot here!