Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Recent Thrifting "Haul"

 Thanks to that last post of thrifting tips, I felt that "urge" to share with you all the things I picked up on my most recent thrifting adventure. Taking advantage of a "discount day" at a certain thrift store, I'm pretty sure I made out like a bandit (despite only picking up a few things).

- This (absolutely gorgeous) green lace dress from Banana Republic, in great condition w/original tag.

- A pair of sexy printed heels (that "coincidentally" go great with the dress).

- This (beyond adorable) Swedish "fancy" teapot with a flower design on both sides.

(I was also lucky enough to find a great pair of my favorite Forever 21 jeans)

All this, & I only spent $23.13.
Oh, yea. Totally awesome.

Any great thrift store finds you'd like to share with me?
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