Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Recipe: Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Alfredo

I can now call myself brave enough to have entered the world of Tofu noodles!
(Okay, so maybe it's not that scary...but any person new to the smell would probably hesitate.)

Years ago an old roommate of mine went on a major health kick & our fridge was always stocked with these things. I was never brave enough to try any, because (as I mentioned before) they have quite a "authentic" aroma...among the first directions on the packaging, they even give the "method" for lessening it.  Another deterrent for me was the thought of regular tofu...which, for the record, I have tried & liked but "have to be in the mood for." I was always hesitant about the taste tofu noodles might have. Seeing them at the store, I decided to pick some up & try my luck...they couldn't be that terrible, right? Right!

The taste isn't too bad, & the texture didn't really bother me. After playing around with a recipe or two, this one came about....a quick, relatively easy alternative to a heaping pot full of carbs & sauce.

To make things even easier for myself (as this is a "single-serving" recipe), I used a small tupperware container to hold the portions. I frequently use this (2 cup/16oz) circular one, as it makes it even simpler to prep meals ahead of time & pack them in my bag (if I need to).

New ("healthier") recipe of the moment:
Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Alfredo   (Single serving)
Approximately 95 calories, 2g fat

- 1 package Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Shaped Noodle Substitute
- 2 Tbsp fat free cream cheese
- 1 Tsp fat free sour cream
- 2 Tsp reduced fat Parmesan grated topping
- Salt & pepper to taste, if desired (I didn't use any)


- Cut open the package, then use a strainer to drain & rinse the noodles thoroughly.

- Put noodles in bowl/container (don't close lid), & microwave for 3 minutes to cook (& reduce aroma).

- Pour noodles back into strainer, then put the noodles onto a paper towel & pat them dry.

 - Add cream cheese & sour cream into bowl/container.

- Pour warm noodles on top, then mix well. 

- Add parmesan & salt/pepper to taste (if desired). 

If you want to warm it up a little more, microwave for 1 additional minute, then mix again.

Happy eats!

- Alyssa Marie

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