Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Product Review: Salon Style Nail Polish Strips

  Of all the big trends these days, a notable one is the "zero dry time" nail polish strips. Almost every beauty brand carries their own version (different colors, designs, etc.)...& most are priced at a range around $12-$25, which can be pretty steep for the "money conscious" shopper.
   I, myself, used the Sally Hansen nail polish strips once or twice before...but I normally don't consider buying them unless I'm able to find them on clearance somewhere. Now, waiting for those times means that I can get them for $4.99 instead of the normal $9...but this also means they're usually the "undesirables"- the weird random neon color, or the design that just wouldn't sell. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Sally Hansen nail polish strips...but budgeting for myself means I now see that $9 as lunch at Panera/Chipotle, or 3 gallons of gas in my car. Not a huge deal for many, but I'd like to save some of my hard-earned money.
  A few days ago I stopped at Dots with a friend, so she could find some fun new clothes to go with her fun new job. Holding my post outside the dressing room, I started browsing the accessory display nearby...when, buried under some tangled web of tacky chain jewelry, I saw these Salon Style Nail Polish Strips. Initially I was pretty skeptical...not to be "snooty" but, from my experience, beauty items there always seem to be a little similar to Claire's: slightly tacky & lower quality. I was pretty surprised to discover the $3.50 price sticker on the back of the package. Surely this must be an indication that the product isn't that great, right?
   Wrong. I decided that $3.50 was worth the gamble, took them home/tried them out, & (2 days later) I'm pretty impressed at how they're holding up. Given that I'm pretty rough on my hands, thanks to both jobs (food/drink oriented), it's no surprise that the tips have worn off a bit...but these babies seem to be holding down the fort pretty well. The other thing that I liked was that, having petite hands (& therefore petite fingernails), I didn't have to try to resize the strips to fit my nails. They also are actual "strips", not the stickers that some places (ahem *$12 at Sephora*) sell that end up ruining your nails. While I'm not completely sure just how many designs they have (as I only saw a few), I imagine it wouldn't be terribly hard to find them (online or in-store, they aren't on the Dots website).

The strips I chose - cute, eh?

Have you tried nail polish strips? Do you have a favorite (or even least favorite) brand?
Let me know what your experience with them has been!

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