Saturday, July 28, 2012

Window Shopping, Round 1 (Introducing...Style Boards!)

   Despite my lack of posts recently, I promise that a chunk of the hiatus has been spent coming up with new site material. I've noticed a huge trend in personal styling, & a massive rise in "style boards" being used in many public forums. After I had a little chuckle over my having done this for years, just for fun, I figured I'd start posting my choices here.
   And so, OTS style boards have been born. Of course, I'll attempt to add as much variety as I can to my style boards (especially if you all send any suggestions my way).  I'll let you know what's on the board, & try to provide links back to the item. (Yes, I'm a big Cartier & Alexander McQueen
   Here's the first batch:

Emerald Silk Chiffon Bustier Dress (Alexander McQueen; $3,440) 
White Topaz & Diamond w/Black Enamel Sterling Silver Earrings (Ramona Singer; $339.90)