Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Window Shopping: Basic White Tee

Ever since I can remember, I've always had a major aversion to wearing plain white t-shirts...probably something to do with my incredible ability to have something spilled on me within the hour I first put the shirt on. I've always been very, very fond of the dark gray/black t-shirt...both, for their polished look, & for the fact that dark shirts are much more slimming on my busty figure.

I do appreciate the quality & classic appearance of the "basic white tee"...
especially the slightly fitted version that gives certain men that effortlessly sexy look...

I mean, *cue jaw drop*, right?
Oh,, to get back on topic...

Here's a new way to spruce up that basic white tee to look a little less "frump" & a little more "fab":

-  Pain White Tee ($4.50-$5.75)

- GAP Super Skinny Dark Wash Jeans ($34.95)

- Alexander McQueen Skull Jacquard Silk Chiffon Scarf in Black ($294)

- Tylie Malibu Sub Terra Satchel in Olive ($589)

- Le Metier de Beaute Red Hot Tango Limited-Edition Nail Lacquer ($18)

- Thin 2.5inch Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings ($36.99)

- Maison Martin Margiela 11 Ring ($235)

- Michael Kors Gunmetal Leather Wrap Bracelet ($37.99)

- Jimmy Choo Papyrus Suede Cork Wedge Sandals in Purple ($237)

What's your favorite compliment to your basic white tee?
Let me know!


Window Shopping: Fancy A Night Out?

    I'm a huge fan of high heels (though I don't get to wear them nearly as often as I'd like to) &, more recently, a big fan of dresses. When faced with the dilemma of what to wear, it's pretty easy for a woman to spend a minimum of an hour digging through her closet. If it's a "night out" you're dressing for, it's not that difficult to look great (without looking like you'll fall out of your dress) ditch that dress that looks like it belongs at a high school dance - I mean, keep it classy, ladies!
    Here are a few new picks this week that caught my eye...the great thing about this outfit is how easy the day/night transition would be:

-  Milly Imara Dress  (£189)

- Steve Madden Faame Booties ($110)

- Marc by Marc Jacobs Calamity Rei Leather Shoulder Bag (£490)

- Tuleste Market Rosette Stud Earrings ($36)

- Vintage Chanel .5" Silver Tone Bracelet ($1,800)

- Bobbi Brown Limited Edition (Twilight Night/Turquiose) Nail Polish ($18)

    You might not be able to tell on here, but these shoes have the cutest triple-bow detail on their front. For fun with the nail polish I'd recommend a 4:1 style with the colors, you choose the color ratio.
    Throw a cute blazer over the dress for a day at the office, & go without it for drinks with the mailroom eye-candy ;)


Window Shopping: Long Necklaces

    Though I've pretty much worn the same necklace for the last 4.5yrs, any woman knows that it's always nice to have a few options. It's become a habit for me to go around online to see the different necklaces/fashions that are out of my favorite sites in these last few years has been Etsy.

Here are a few (long) necklaces I recently came across, on Etsy, that are too pretty to not mention:

1. Colorful Owl Necklace, Antique Brass/Enamel Pendant ($22.40)

2. Sterling Silver Necklace, with Lapis Lazuli & Black Spinel ($59)

3. Crown Skeleton Key with Blue Sparrow ($24)

4. Vintage Style Peacock ($5)

5. Antique Gold Brass Octopus ($24)

6. Turquoise Howlite ($7.50)

7. Genuine Amazonite Gemstone ($18)

8. Sterling Silver Personalized Initials ($38)

**This post is not, in any way, endorsing any particular shop owner on Etsy.**
**All prices listed are current at time of posting, but may change at the discretion of Etsy shop owner.**

Added any cute long necklaces to your collection?
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Monday, August 6, 2012

That's a wrap! (And it's delish.)

I've been trying many new ideas lately, & finding a lot of delicious food combinations. One of my biggest stipulations with "appetizer/entree" type foods is that it be at least a little healthy...'it has to taste good' goes without saying, right? It's much easier now than it was 5-10yrs ago to combine "hey, that's tasty" with "hey, that's delicious"...& when you've got that result, you really can't go wrong.
After a little experiment I was able to do exactly that: find something "good on the lips & on the hips." Here she is...ain't she a beauty?

(Posted from my Instagram feed at "Lysg06")

- Whole wheat tortilla/wrap
- Feta cheese (crumbles work just fine)
- Tomato (sliced)
- Cucumber (sliced)
- Red onion (sliced or diced, your call...mine were sliced)
- Mixed greens (salad mix works, too)
- Sliced almonds
- Cranberries

To make a few notes...
  •  You might want to microwave the wheat tortilla, for 15 seconds, before making this so it's pliable.
  • I used the panini grill we have at the café make yours without one, try using a pan/stove.
  •  To help blend the flavors, I created a "foil prep" (layering the tomato/cucumbers/onions/cranberries/almonds in between foil) & pressed it for a few minutes on the panini grill...not only does this help blend flavors, but it gives everything a warm-up that (with the feta) tricks your mind into thinking it's eating something more substantial/filling.
  • I put the feta in the middle (of the wrap), so that it was the "first layer"....putting the foil prep on top of this helps the cheese melt more (feta cheese melts differently).
  • Once the foil prep is on the wrap, put the spring mix on top (so the lettuce won't wilt from the heat). If you prefer you can add a light dressing, but I chose not to (to retain the natural flavors).
  • In my old kitchen I'd place a wrap "seam down" (the part of the wrap showing the tortilla edge), & be able to sear the wrap shut. At the café, using the panini press is a great option....just remember, if you have this to use, it will not sear the seam shut (& make sure you use a little oil on the wrap to ensure it doesn't burn to the grill).
  • One variation I love to add to this is using roasted red's a perfect flavor complement to the feta.
If you try this out, or have your own wrap recipe you think I should try, let me know!

Happy eats!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Looking Great While Growing : Short Nail Mani

   I've always loved using different colors & designs to create fun manicures for myself.  Since I'm always trying out new projects, & I'm very "hands-on" in most of my work, I always face a few problems with this....either: (a) nail polish doesn't stay on my nails too long, or (b) I end up breaking my nails on a slightly frequent basis.  Taking this into consideration, sometimes it seems like the effort is pointless...& (more often than not) I end up leaving my nails naked.
   One thing I notice, too, is that sometimes it's difficult for me to settle on designs/colors when my nails are shorter. I'm very, very particular about colors & patterns (& I'm much more conscious of it when my  nails have faced a little damage). I hate to admit it, but when I was younger I was a frequent user of "fakes"...using both fake full sets & acrylics. After working in a salon for a few months, & actually learning how to do acrylic nails (& other techniques), the biggest thing I learned was the damage you can inflict on your nails by doing this...& the implications it can actually have on your health. (Hrm...I see a future write-up in the making, don't you?) Needless to say, I will not go back to that, I only stick with plain nail polish these days.
   This morning I decided to break the nude streak my nails have been on the last two weeks. I didn't want to do anything too crazy or complicated, given that I never know how long it's going to last (ha!), I felt like keeping it relatively simple for work (even though I have quite a bit of freedom with the looks).
   The manicure I settled on today is pretty easy, & is very tasteful for mostly any situation...whether it be a day-to-day look, or even a nighttime/party look. It's a quick twist on the neutral french manicure, using a nude polish with a thin black line/tip instead of a thicker white line/tip. To keep it fun I made one nail (on each hand) different, painting it a light gray & adding a layer of sparkle.
Here's the look:

For this look, I used these nail polishes:

  As the title says "looking great while growing," I figure I'll share another tip to help with the last part. Recently, I changed the vitamins I've been taking, specifically to help grow & strengthen my nails. The new vitamins I've been taking are really great...especially considering that, although I have a higher tolerance for medication & vitamins (& usually have to double dose), these have no negative side effects...& the double dose has actually (obviously) helped speed up the process a bit.
   Normally I take an extra Biotin vitamin as an addition to my regular multi-vitamin, but it sometimes caused my nail edges to be more brittle. Replacing the multi-vitamin/Biotin mixture with the new vitamins has been a wonderful move. My nails are so much stronger, & rarely peel anymore.
I'm definitely a big fan of Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails now.

Do you have any experience with this vitamin, or any other hair/skin/nails vitamin?
Let me know what your experience has been!

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Happy Wednesday!