Thursday, August 2, 2012

Looking Great While Growing : Short Nail Mani

   I've always loved using different colors & designs to create fun manicures for myself.  Since I'm always trying out new projects, & I'm very "hands-on" in most of my work, I always face a few problems with this....either: (a) nail polish doesn't stay on my nails too long, or (b) I end up breaking my nails on a slightly frequent basis.  Taking this into consideration, sometimes it seems like the effort is pointless...& (more often than not) I end up leaving my nails naked.
   One thing I notice, too, is that sometimes it's difficult for me to settle on designs/colors when my nails are shorter. I'm very, very particular about colors & patterns (& I'm much more conscious of it when my  nails have faced a little damage). I hate to admit it, but when I was younger I was a frequent user of "fakes"...using both fake full sets & acrylics. After working in a salon for a few months, & actually learning how to do acrylic nails (& other techniques), the biggest thing I learned was the damage you can inflict on your nails by doing this...& the implications it can actually have on your health. (Hrm...I see a future write-up in the making, don't you?) Needless to say, I will not go back to that, I only stick with plain nail polish these days.
   This morning I decided to break the nude streak my nails have been on the last two weeks. I didn't want to do anything too crazy or complicated, given that I never know how long it's going to last (ha!), I felt like keeping it relatively simple for work (even though I have quite a bit of freedom with the looks).
   The manicure I settled on today is pretty easy, & is very tasteful for mostly any situation...whether it be a day-to-day look, or even a nighttime/party look. It's a quick twist on the neutral french manicure, using a nude polish with a thin black line/tip instead of a thicker white line/tip. To keep it fun I made one nail (on each hand) different, painting it a light gray & adding a layer of sparkle.
Here's the look:

For this look, I used these nail polishes:

  As the title says "looking great while growing," I figure I'll share another tip to help with the last part. Recently, I changed the vitamins I've been taking, specifically to help grow & strengthen my nails. The new vitamins I've been taking are really great...especially considering that, although I have a higher tolerance for medication & vitamins (& usually have to double dose), these have no negative side effects...& the double dose has actually (obviously) helped speed up the process a bit.
   Normally I take an extra Biotin vitamin as an addition to my regular multi-vitamin, but it sometimes caused my nail edges to be more brittle. Replacing the multi-vitamin/Biotin mixture with the new vitamins has been a wonderful move. My nails are so much stronger, & rarely peel anymore.
I'm definitely a big fan of Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails now.

Do you have any experience with this vitamin, or any other hair/skin/nails vitamin?
Let me know what your experience has been!

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