Monday, August 6, 2012

That's a wrap! (And it's delish.)

I've been trying many new ideas lately, & finding a lot of delicious food combinations. One of my biggest stipulations with "appetizer/entree" type foods is that it be at least a little healthy...'it has to taste good' goes without saying, right? It's much easier now than it was 5-10yrs ago to combine "hey, that's tasty" with "hey, that's delicious"...& when you've got that result, you really can't go wrong.
After a little experiment I was able to do exactly that: find something "good on the lips & on the hips." Here she is...ain't she a beauty?

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- Whole wheat tortilla/wrap
- Feta cheese (crumbles work just fine)
- Tomato (sliced)
- Cucumber (sliced)
- Red onion (sliced or diced, your call...mine were sliced)
- Mixed greens (salad mix works, too)
- Sliced almonds
- Cranberries

To make a few notes...
  •  You might want to microwave the wheat tortilla, for 15 seconds, before making this so it's pliable.
  • I used the panini grill we have at the café make yours without one, try using a pan/stove.
  •  To help blend the flavors, I created a "foil prep" (layering the tomato/cucumbers/onions/cranberries/almonds in between foil) & pressed it for a few minutes on the panini grill...not only does this help blend flavors, but it gives everything a warm-up that (with the feta) tricks your mind into thinking it's eating something more substantial/filling.
  • I put the feta in the middle (of the wrap), so that it was the "first layer"....putting the foil prep on top of this helps the cheese melt more (feta cheese melts differently).
  • Once the foil prep is on the wrap, put the spring mix on top (so the lettuce won't wilt from the heat). If you prefer you can add a light dressing, but I chose not to (to retain the natural flavors).
  • In my old kitchen I'd place a wrap "seam down" (the part of the wrap showing the tortilla edge), & be able to sear the wrap shut. At the café, using the panini press is a great option....just remember, if you have this to use, it will not sear the seam shut (& make sure you use a little oil on the wrap to ensure it doesn't burn to the grill).
  • One variation I love to add to this is using roasted red's a perfect flavor complement to the feta.
If you try this out, or have your own wrap recipe you think I should try, let me know!

Happy eats!

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