Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Window Shopping: Long Necklaces

    Though I've pretty much worn the same necklace for the last 4.5yrs, any woman knows that it's always nice to have a few options. It's become a habit for me to go around online to see the different necklaces/fashions that are out of my favorite sites in these last few years has been Etsy.

Here are a few (long) necklaces I recently came across, on Etsy, that are too pretty to not mention:

1. Colorful Owl Necklace, Antique Brass/Enamel Pendant ($22.40)

2. Sterling Silver Necklace, with Lapis Lazuli & Black Spinel ($59)

3. Crown Skeleton Key with Blue Sparrow ($24)

4. Vintage Style Peacock ($5)

5. Antique Gold Brass Octopus ($24)

6. Turquoise Howlite ($7.50)

7. Genuine Amazonite Gemstone ($18)

8. Sterling Silver Personalized Initials ($38)

**This post is not, in any way, endorsing any particular shop owner on Etsy.**
**All prices listed are current at time of posting, but may change at the discretion of Etsy shop owner.**

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