Saturday, September 15, 2012

OTS Pro Tip: Save On A Monthly Sample Subscription

   After seeing so much of the publicity many monthly sample subscription services, I've been doing a bit of research...&, though I'm still looking around, I actually joined a program!

    Ever heard of Julep? A Seattle-based nail salon, they develop their own products...pretty cool, right?
   You can join their Julep Maven program for $19.99/mo...this means every month you'll receive a kit containing $40+ worth of nail polish & mani/pedi products from their company. Seeing as how their actual (individual) prices range from $6-48/per item, this is a pretty decent deal. Once you take the style quiz (which you can retake until you get results you like) posted on their site, this determines the first 2 nail colors you will get (each Intro box is specific to these profile results). You even can skip months if you want, & can order more (of the samples you like) straight from their website.

   **Now, here's the tip you've been waiting for**

   Hesitant to try this particular site/service at $19.99/mo.? I don't blame you, I was too. But I can help you get your Intro box for just ONE CENT. Yes, you read that right. One penny. $0.01. 1¢. Read on!

   I'm pretty hesitant to commit to a monthly service, especially for beauty products, because I'm very particular about the products I use & like. When I found this trick, though, I couldn't resist trying it out.

Here's how their site explains the process:
         I took the "Style Profile" quiz a few times, & (after seeing all the selections offered) decided to go with my original results of "Boho Glam."After receiving my results I selected the option to start a subscription (with those selections) at $19.99, with a future cost of $19.99/mo for each kit.

    Underneath the item list in the cart, on the left, I entered the discount code "PENNY".

Next, I input my shipping selections...don't let this section fool you, their shipping is free!

Once I applied my discount code, $19.98 was discounted...& my final total came to 1¢!
How awesome is that? Just like winning a mini-jackpot!

    Just for reference...the FAQ's on Julep's website tell you that you can select a "skip a month" option in your account, so you aren't charged monthly.

   I'm going to wait for my Intro box, & see how I like the program...if you decide to try it out, I'd love to hear from you about your experience!

   **I'm not affiliated with Julep in any way, aside from now being a new member.**
 **OTS is not responsible for any issues anyone may have with this service/vendor.**

   To let me know what you think, email me at:

- Alyssa Marie

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