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Home : Can't paint? Redecorate!

  Like many people (twenty-something or otherwise), I rent. Renting is a great thing...I pretty much hit the "renting lottery" considering the amount of space I have vs. the money I pay each month. Obviously, though, renting can have a few current biggest being that I can't go completely nutso decorating with paint. (Granted, at this point in my life it's probably for the best that I can't cover the walls in every color I want. And paint can get expensive. Money saving & time saving? Yay!)
  Now, because I'm a very visual person, I'm apparently not content with only hanging a plethora of photographs/paintings/etc. on my walls. Someone once said, "The Devil's in the details"...& someone else once said, "Sometimes when I close my eyes I can't see." But, when it comes to my own apartment, I always notice the details!
  The small things are sometimes the most easy to skip over when you're decorating. Once you realize/accept that customizing doesn't always mean major change (i.e. slathering a new color on the walls), you open up a whole new realm of possibilities. And, believe me, they can still have just as much of an effect.
  Two prime examples (that I offer from my own experience) are seen below...

Cabinet Knobs
*Smart buy: Knobs w/hardware, found at Michael's (craft store) for $3.99/piece.*
Just when you thought details couldn't get any smaller...they did. Cabinet knobs are one of the easiest things to overlook! These (in my bathroom) were originally plain silver knobs...they also had paint caked on them from someone leaving them in when the cabinet was painted. Not too fancy...&, though it wasn't the worst to look at, it wasn't that awesome. Replacing the boring silver knobs with knobs that have different shades of blues & greens totally brought together my bathroom in a very unexpected way. With light green tile walls & a grey/white striped shower curtain, all the colors complement each other so well (& don't leave the room so "drab").

*Smart buy: Light-switch plates, found at Ace Harware for $.99/piece*
Another element often overlooked is the trusty light-switch. I wanted to use pictures that reflected my eclectic style more than reflecting an idea for a room. I didn't want to damage the original switch plates, so a quick trip to Ace Hardware spared me the mini-headache of replacing them when I move out. I realize that there are many tutorials out there showing the use of epoxy (or etc.) to seal the pictures on the plate, & that many people also sell them online this way. And I'm still totally fine with the slightly messy look that mine have. I'm sure my "I made this!" bias comes into play somewhere in there, & I'm totally fine with that. Should you choose to go the "fancy route" for yours I'm happy to provide links to tutorials using epoxy, or even provide instructions. For me, a solid application of Modge Podge glue (both, to adhere the magazine cutouts to the switch plate & to cover/seal the cutout) worked just fine....&, many months later, they're still holding up just fine.

There are plenty of other projects I've been working on around my apartment lately...promise to share some of them soon!

Anything you think I should try?
How have your decorating limitations helped/hurt you?
What do you think is the best change you've made in your space?

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