Monday, October 28, 2013

Playlist Of The Moment #7: R.I.P. Lou Reed

R.I.P. Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed, 1942-2013

The internet was buzzing, yesterday, over the sad news that Rock legend Lou Reed had passed away. Knowing this, it seems only appropriate that my "playlist of the moment" reflect some of my favorite Lou Reed/Velvet Underground songs....hope you enjoy them.
Which songs are your favorites? Any others you think I should listen to?
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xx Alyssa Marie

Lou Reed : "The Bed"
Lou Reed : "The Kids

The Velvet Unground : "Here She Comes Now"
The Velvet Underground : "Sweet Jane"
The Velvet Underground : "I'm Waiting For The Man"
The Velvet Underground : "White Light/White Heat"
The Velvet Underground : "Heroin"
Lou Reed : "Lady Day"
Lou Reed : "Vicious"
Lou Reed : "New York Telephone Conversation"
Lou Reed : "Berlin"

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