Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Decor 101 : The (Literal) "Statement Piece"

Hey, all!
As promised, here's a video from the pile of "holiday stuff Alyssa has to post."
I won't feel too bad about waiting to post many of these ideas until (almost) the last minute, as some of the ideas you'll see here in the next few days are taken straight from the gifts I'm giving out this year. And I can't have everyone peeking early on here…let's avoid the classic "surprise ruin," shall we?

While this video is alright for everyone to view...if you know me personally (& managed to stay on the "nice" list this year), I hereby order you to cease blog views after you've finished this post.

So, go ahead. View away. Then go away.
(At least until after Christmas, I mean…give me a break, eh?)

If you decide to do this project, I'd love to see your version.
And send pictures! I love pictures.
I also commend your bravery if you do…we all know it's impossible to get rid of glitter once it's out.
I'm sure I'll still be finding it around the room months from now.
I'll post a few more (giftable) ideas over the weekend.
Until then…enjoy!
xx Alyssa Marie
** In case you're curious, here's the result of my holiday decorating hijinks.
You can't tell a girl lives in this apartment at all….right? Didn't think so. (Can glitter be manly?)**

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