Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday 101: DIY Snowglobes

A major trend I've noticed this year (& have fallen in very total "like" with) has been the apothecary jar with a special "animal/object" lid. Versions of the trend have taken over Pintrest (& much of the internet)...while another DIY trend of custom snowglobes has even been recreated by Martha Stewart.
One thing that really surprised me was that none of the sites I "researched" (translation: surfed aimlessly) showed any thought of combining the two. Because of this, I decided to create my own "mash-up" of these two popular trends...read on to learn how to make your own (& impress anyone lucky enough to get one as a gift).
  • Mason jar  (*In order to avoid the "traditional" design of an "official" mason jar, I recycled mason jars I'd bought of Del Monte fruit.)
  • Plastic animal/building/etc for topper (You can use whatever you want for this....I used a squirrel I found in the toy model section at my local Michael's craft store.)
  • smaller plastic animal/plant/building/etc models for inner display (Also purchased at Michael's...the trees came variety packs of 9 & the deer came in packs of 2. Again, use whatever you want...just make sure it fits in the jar!)
  • E6000 industrial glue
  • Krylon ColorMaster Gold Metallic spray paint (found at Ace Hardware...use whatever color you may choose)
  • rubber gloves & paper bag to dry lids on (optional)
  • tinsel glitter (found at Michael's)
  • filtered/purified drinking water (or bottled water)
  • Glycerine (found at Walgreens)
  • ribbon (optional)
If necessary, remove/clean any residue off jar. Leaving the lid on, determine where you want to place your topper (to ensure it will face forward when replaced). Glue object to lid with E6000 & let sit overnight. Next, remove the lid & use spray paint to evenly cover colors on lid (may require 2 coats, do not layer coats heavily). Use gloves if you would like...they definitely help if you're holding the lids to spray them.
Before you glue anything inside your jar, make sure you know how you're going to set up the display. (As you glue each object with the E6000, remember to allow 30 seconds before pressing each object down onto the surface....this will create a stronger bond between the two.) I let mine set for a few days, but give the jar displays at least 24 hours to dry (after gluing).Fill your jar with water...it doesn't have to be to the top of your jar, but at least make sure the water line settles a little bit above your display figures. Sprinkle tinsel glitter into the water (you should only need 3-4tsp worth per jar). Depending on the bottle your glycerin is in, you'll either need to squirt it into the jar or add it by drops (this means, either, roughly 2-3 squeezes of a bottle or 8-9 drops).
Return each lid to its proper jar (mark them beforehand with tape, if necessary). Then, use your E6000 to follow the seal around the lid (if desired). Tie your ribbon around the jar, just under the lid, & make a bow for added fun.
And you're done! Go ahead & try them out with a good shake.
Now you've got your own little winter wonderland in your hands :)
Here's the one I kept for our place:
Want to show me your version? Send a picture!
Email them to: OneToSpare@gmail.com

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