Thursday, January 9, 2014

Think About It : How $7.90 Changed History

Let's cut to the chase:

Yesterday (Jan. 8) would have been Elvis' 79th birthday.
In 1946, for his 11th birthday, Elvis asked his mother for a 22-caliber rifle.
Instead, she purchased a guitar from Tupelo Hardware for $7.90.

Can you imagine how it may've changed history had Elvis never received that guitar?

Really, it's mind boggling.

Happy belated, Elvis.
(And many thanks, "Momma Presley.")

xx Alyssa Marie

Monday, January 6, 2014

Think About It : All Natural Egg-y Goodness

This article from contains important information regarding buzz words on egg cartons...the bottom line is most of them are not regulated, so they can be used rather loosely.
"Cage-free hens may not ever see the light of day. Similarly, 'free-range' means that hens must have access to the outdoors, but the length of time they are allowed to roam free—& the amount of space they have to roam—can be small. Experts say the term to look for instead is 'pasture-raised.'"